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Project “Towards Smart on the Coasts”

The aim of the cooperation project is to introduce the coastal population to the concept of smart village development and to start its gradual pilot implementation in each of the 6 coastal areas or neighborhoods selected by the cooperation partners, thus activating local coastal communities, educating their leaders, strengthening village-neighborhood identity and promoting modern knowledge and skills. sustainable development based on innovation and the emergence of new social and economic cooperation to improve the quality of life in coastal villages and neighborhoods. Project partners and included pilot sites are as follows:

1) LAG “Partnerība laukiem un jūrai”: Lapmežciema apkaime (Lapmežciema pagasts), Engures novads;

2) LAG “Jūrkante”: Ainaži, Salacgrīvas novads;

3) LAG “Jūras zeme”: Carnikava, Carnikavas novads;

4) LAG “Talsu rajona partnerība”: Kaltene, Rojas novads;

5) LAG “Ziemeļkurzemes biznesa asociācija”: Dižjūras lībiešu ciemi no Vaides līdz Ovīšiem, Dundagas un Ventspils novadi;

6) LAG “Liepājas rajona partnerība”: Bernāti, Nīcas novads.

European Union EMFF fund website herehttps://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/cfp/emff_en

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