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Our association implements project “SEA all over the Year- Promotion of seaside lifestyle tourism”

The aim of the cooperation project “SEA all over the Year – Promotion of Seaside Lifestyle Tourism” 20-00-F043.0442-000002 is

Implement activities that would create a reputation for coastal areas as an excellent place to live, work and tourism all year long. Through a seaside lifestyle promotion campaign, which will be complemented by practical, capacity-building activities, the creation of sustainable tourist and local attraction activities in each territory. Cooperation project the aim is to: 1) To increase the number of Latvians who visit the seaside in the off-season, thus strengthening the local economy; 2) To increase the possibility of local entrepreneurs, especially tourism entrepreneurs, to make a profit in the off-season 3) To increase the number of people who want to declare their permanent residence on the coast or start business 4) Increase the range of innovative all-season services on the coast 5) Promote hitherto less popular coastal sites and service providers 6) Promotes a sense of belonging of the coastal population to their place of residence During the project, residents and entrepreneurs of various coastal LAGs will be promoted cooperation and mutual recognition

All Latvian Coastal Local Action Groups are involved in the implementation of the project: “Partnership for Countryside and the Sea”, “Jūrkante”, “Jūras zeme”, “Talsi District Partnership”, “North Kurzeme Business Association” and “Liepāja District Partnership” During the project, activities such as Capacity Building Measures for Coastal Companies, Digital Communication Campaign and at least 6 POP-UP activities will be implemented along the coast. It will be possible to follow the project on the partners’ websites, as well as on the Facebook page created by the project. The total funding of the project is 96280 EUR and it is financed and supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The project will run until 31 December 2021.

European Union EMFF fund website here: https://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/cfp/emff_en

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