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Representative of LAG “Sea Land” participated in Rural Pact Policy Lab

The Rural Pact Support Office recently organized a Policy Action Lab dedicated to developing strategies to enhance the implementation of the Rural Vision and Pact at the local level. The event brought together key stakeholders to identify the necessary components for successful local implementation and to explore approaches for bringing the Rural Pact closer to citizens.

The event aimed to identify key ingredients for success, determining the essential elements for effective local implementation of the Rural Pact and exploring supportive approaches. It also provided a space for participants to analyze inspiring local initiatives and exchange ideas on making the Rural Pact more accessible and impactful.

One of the highlights of the event was the Networking Coffee Session. This session offered valuable opportunities for participants to discuss how the Rural Pact can be translated to the local level. Key questions addressed during the session included how the Rural Pact can be effectively implemented at the local level and what strategies are necessary to make the Rural Pact a reality across diverse rural communities in the EU.

During the co-creation process, participants collaboratively developed proposals, which were presented by representatives from the European Rural Community Alliance, the European Economic and Social Committee, Deutscher Landkreistag/CEMR, and the Government of Castilla-La Mancha. The proposals focused on enhancing local governance structures to support the Rural Pact, creating policies that empower local actors to address specific community needs, and encouraging collaboration between governance levels to ensure cohesive implementation of the Rural Vision.

Despite the progress made, significant work remains to ensure the ambitions of the Rural Vision and Pact are realized across all EU rural communities. Achieving this vision requires national and regional policies to enable local decision-making and provide continuous support for local initiatives.

The Policy Action Lab marks an essential step toward making the Rural Pact a reality, highlighting the importance of ongoing commitment and cooperation among all stakeholders to improve the lives of rural citizens.

More information here: https://ruralpact.rural-vision.europa.eu/events/bringing-rural-pact-closer-citizens_en

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