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Coastal Development

Jūras Zeme (Sea Land) do cooperate with other coastal Local Action groups and participating in National and International projects

Coastal challenges are specific to areas that are not limited to the administrative boundaries of a single municipality, and therefore require the involvement of all municipalities located on the coast (or those coastal municipalities located in one functional territory on the coast) to address the issues or implement common projects. An effective solution is the cooperation of the so-called Fi...
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Conservation and promotion of traditional cultural heritage

Conservation and promotion of coastal cultural heritage is an important factor to sustain coastal identity and development of tourism. A large portion of traditional heritage keepers and activists have improved their infrastructure or exhibited new expositions with the help of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) through Local Development Strategies. In the following article, "Jūras ...
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Coastal Local Action Groups and implemented Local Development Strategies

Latvia has 35 Local Action Groups that implement Local Development strategies. 6 of these Local Action groups conduct activity in coastal territory and implement strategies not only with EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) but also with resources from EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund). Regulations that determine the procedure of providing EMFF resources for Local ...
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