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Sea Land representatives discovered Estonian practices within the framework of the “River Networks” project

Tartu County Development Association organized a study tour for the Latvian partners of NGO Sea Land within the Estonian-Latvian Interreg cooperation project "Building Stronger River Networks: Empowering Rural Communities through Joint Action" on July 1 - 3, 2024. The purpose of the study trip was to introduce Latvians to the region's peculiarities, developments, challenges, share experiences and ...
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Representative of LAG “Sea Land” participated in CLLD seminar “FLAGs bringing Europe closer to citizens”

The Irish fisheries sector, represented by approximately 2,000 registered fishing boats, 85% of which are coastal boats under 15 meters, is widespread along the country’s coastline and often operates from isolated piers. The average age of fishermen is increasing, and most of them acquire their knowledge through practical experience. One of the most significant challenges facing Irish fishe...
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Representative of LAG “Sea Land” participated in Rural Pact Policy Lab

The Rural Pact Support Office recently organized a Policy Action Lab dedicated to developing strategies to enhance the implementation of the Rural Vision and Pact at the local level. The event brought together key stakeholders to identify the necessary components for successful local implementation and to explore approaches for bringing the Rural Pact closer to citizens. The event aimed to iden...
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Estonian-Latvian cooperation project brings Emajõgi and Gauja rivers closer together

Tartu County Development Association, together with its Latvian partner NGO Sea Land started a cross-border cooperation project for the sustainable development of the Emajõe and Gauja riverbanks. The project focuses on the management and use of rivers, paying attention to the better and environmentally friendly use of natural resources, heritage and attractions for economic activities. Full pre...
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Jūras Zeme (Sea Land) participated in the 2nd Study Trip of the Transnational Cooperation Program “Smart Villages Leader Network” on 6-7 October in Poros

During the trip We exchanged good practices and ideas on Tourism and how smart actions (coming from public or/and private entities) assist in prolonging the touristic season. Case studies from almost all islands of our area were presented during the working sessions and the field visits of the event. The activity have been implemented as a part of Cooperation Project https://juraszeme.lv/sa...
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Smart Villages for a Green, Digital and Resilient Europe

International Forum of LAG and Conference: Smart Villages for a Green, Digital and Resilient Europe, 30. 9. – 2. 10. 2021, Slovenia International conference Smart Villages for a Green, Digital and resilient Europe will be held on Friday, the 1st of October 2021 at the Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica and is organized by Office of Franc Bogovič, MEP (SLS/EPP) and partners. The conference will be ...
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Our association implements project “SEA all over the Year- Promotion of seaside lifestyle tourism”

The aim of the cooperation project “SEA all over the Year – Promotion of Seaside Lifestyle Tourism” 20-00-F043.0442-000002 is Implement activities that would create a reputation for coastal areas as an excellent place to live, work and tourism all year long. Through a seaside lifestyle promotion campaign, which will be complemented by practical, capacity-building activities, the creation of sus...
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Initiative to ensure that world art can be seen in rural village as the winner – competition “Dižprojekts 2020”

The association “Latvian Rural Forum” was organizing an initiative “Dižprojekts” (meaning: The Grand project) this year for the 10th time - a competition for projects that are implemented by LEADER approach. As every year, each Local Action Group (LAG) had a chance to nominate project from their territory that stands out among others. Nominees are the best examples to be proud of locally and natio...
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